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Recipes & Mixing

How much of your flavor do I use?

Typical use rate is 1-4%. Thus, 1 part flavoring mixes with 25-100 parts of a flavorless base. Some flavors are so strong that they are best <1%

What is the starting percentage for mixing of your flavors?

2-5% is an average starting percentage. Below 1% is effective for some flavors. Many flavors will become distorted if used above 5%. Therefore, we recommend starting at 1% and moving up or down from there.

flavorah products overview

What is Flavorah?

Flavorah is a raw material for further processing in products for any industry.

What is the intended use of your concentrated flavorings?

Flavorah is food flavoring intended for further processing.

Can I use Flavorah in my Food or Beverages?

 Yes.  Flavorah is food grade flavoring made from Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredients for ingestion.  It can be used in any application that requires food grade flavoring.

  • Flavorah is a food grade flavoring compounded from FEMA GRAS ingredients
  • Flavorah is compounded in a FDA-inspected facility

Are your Food Grade flavorings a Tobacco Product?

No. Our flavoring concentrates are a raw material intended for further processing. They are a GRAS food ingredients, and are not made or derived from tobacco and not intended for use with nicotine. Please Read this letter from our legal counsel for further information: Flavorah Opinion Letter – Status of Flavors

How do you order Flavorah?

Ordering our product will be different depending on your intentions. We work with any size manufacturer to equip them with the flavorings needed to create the best products in the world. For purchasing jug sizes over 4oz, you will need a wholesale account, which you can set up easily by following the instructions on our wholesale page.

Why does Flavorah cost so much?
Concentration level. Flavorah is more concentrated than other typical flavorings which helps set your products apart.

We do not dilute our flavors with sweeteners, colors, and preservatives that are found in off the shelf multipurpose flavorings. With our high concentration level, you will actually have more flavoring at your fingertips per dollar (or pound, or euro) than with a multi-purpose flavoring.

flavorah flavoring ingredients

What compounds are in Flavorah?

Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) food flavoring compounds approved for ingestion.  

Flavorah subtracts an additional proprietary list of compounds that may be unsafe or undesirable from these GRAS compounds.

Do your flavors contain any tobacco or nicotine?

No. Flavorah flavors are 100% tobacco free and 100% nicotine free. This includes all flavors with "tobacco" or "cigarette" in their names. These flavors are created from natural and artificial extracts in a food laboratory. 

Do your tobacco flavors contain tobacco or “Tobacco Absolute”?

No. Flavorah is not made or derived from tobacco, and cannot be used directly in an ENDS product or vapor device.  Flavorah is compounded using food grade GRAS ingredients. Tobacco Absolute (TA) is an ingredient made for perfume that is derived from tobacco; Flavorah products do not contain this compound. 

Are your natural tobacco flavorings made from tobacco?

No, we do not use tobacco (extracted or otherwise) in our flavoring concentrates. The creation of our flavorings – including flavors with "tobacco" in their name – is a time intensive and rather interesting process. During the process, a chemist identifies the characteristic notes that make your brain think tobacco, and then mimics those concentrates from natural and/or artificial sources. Hence, wonderful and concentrated flavorings with the dark earthy and smoky aroma, without having to use tobacco in the extraction process.

Do you add Diacetyl? Do your flavors contain Diacetyl?

Flavorah does not add diacetyl to any of our flavors, however there are traces of natural diacetyl in some of our flavors. This trace occurs from the natural extraction processes. We have identified diacetyl down to 5ppm (parts per million) through GCMS testing. Please see the safety page for detailed analysis.

Do you add acetyl propionyl or 2,3-pentanedione?

No, Flavorah does not add this compound, nor have we found any traces after lab testing. Please see our safety information page for more information including 3rd party analysis.

Do your flavors contain acetoin?

Some flavorings contain traces of acetoin and some flavors are compounded with acetoin. Please see the safety page for a comprehensive listing and PPM.

My Flavorah has some particulate in it. Is that ok?

Yes, a few flavors compounded with natural ingredients will have a very fine particulate in them. We prefer to leave these particulates in the flavorings, due to the removal potentially effecting the flavor potency. When exposed to cold temperatures, chunky crystals can develop or the flavor may separate. While this may seem concerning, it is easy to fix by warming the flavors up and shaking well solves those issues.

Is Flavorah Ejuice?

No. Ejuice is the liquid that creates vapor in an ecigarette.  However,  o ur product is sometimes packaged in small bottles with eye-dropper tips similar to the packaging of ejuice. Flavorah is a raw material that can be used by manufactures to make anything that requires food flavoring ingredients. Unlike ejuice, Flavorah:

  • Is a food grade flavoring products intended for further processing by a manufacture with multiple applications

  • Is not made or derived from tobacco

  • Does not contain nicotine

  • Is not intended for use with nicotine (on all packaging since 8/8/16)

  • Is not intended for direct use in an e-cigarette, and cannot be used directly in an ENDS product.


I would like a wholesale account. How do I get one?

Please fill out out wholesale request form.A representative will upgrade your access to view our wholesale products and prices.

Can I re-bottle your flavors for resale online and in my store?

Yes. We are committed to the growth of the DIY Flavoring community all around the world. So if your company shares this commitment, rebottling can be a great opportunity to serve your region and we would love to work with you provided you can meet certain quality and customer service requirements. Re-bottlers must agree to our re-bottling agreement and abide by certain policies to be authorized to distribute our flavorings. Your account representative will help you further the process.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Veem and wire transfers.

Which carriers do you use for shipping?

You must ship wholesale products via UPS Ground, FedEx, or Freight. Shipping for international wholesale orders may need separate payment. Furthermore, customs declarations may be necessary for tariffs depending on your country. The tariff code will be for “Flavoring Materials” or "food flavoring." If you encounter with the customs agency in your country miss-identifying or miss-categorizing  your shipment, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Yes. We ship by parcel, and by freight. In addition, if you have a freight forwarding agent in the US, we are happy to work with them to process your bulk shipments. More details can be found on our International Shipping Restrictions page.

Do you accept returns?

Flavorah is proud to have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 7 days after delivery. To make sure that you are satisfied with the product you receive, please inspect the contents as soon as your order arrives. Policies do apply, more details can be found on our Shipping & Returns page.

Will Flavorah support my company’s TPD Product Registration?

Yes.  If you are manufacturing a product for sale in Europe, we will work with your consultants or compliance department to provide the information necessary for TPD filing.

Can Flavorah provide ingredient lists? I need to be EU TPD compliant. 
Yes, we are able to provide the actual ingredient CAS numbers for the compounds going into our flavors versus post-facto analysis GCMS of “what’s in it?”. Not a lot of other vendors will actually be able (or willing) to do this.

We report Name, CAS, and ranges for all ingredients. Specific ranges are included above 0.5%. We do so due to the TPD requirements on reporting final product ingredients down to 0.1%. Use above 20% by weight is not the intent of our flavorings for any final product.

We require a non-disclosure in order to put together the documents. We are willing to work with your reporting consultant, provided you can both sign the non-disclosure agreement.

I need a COA for everything I use, can you provide this documentation?

Yes, for wholesale commercial requests, please create an account. 

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